EVENING CONCERT: The Remedy of Fortune 18/11/17

We are extremely excited to announce our first evening concert of the 2017/18 season: The Remedy of Fortune – Reflections on the music of Guillaume de Machaut.


Guillaume de Machaut is regarded by many as one of the fathers of western classical music. He was a prolific writer in both the poetic and compositional spheres and was part of the ars nova moment in 14th century France, breaking free from the previous styles of rhythmic modes and forging a path into isorhythmic music and compositions of more expressiveness.

This concerts reflects on the music of Machaut, taking a selection of songs from his Le Remede de Fortune – a master work of both poetry and song – with a mixture of solo and ensemble movements for voices, viola da gamba, recorders and lute. Alongside this we will be performing his famous Hoquetus David and Mon fin est mon commencement, concluding with the Messe de Nostre Dame here performed by male voices. To compliment these pieces are new commissions by Manchester composers James Keirle, Aidan Maier and Pierre Flasse, responding to the music written almost seven-hundred years ago. Manchester Renaissance Ensemble is directed by Rory Wainwright Johnston.

We look forward to seeing you there!

Machaut Poster.png

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